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The Stars


To provide a safe and welcoming environment where every client is able to relax, have fun and shine. I also strive to reflect back to each woman, man and child the beauty I see in them and celebrate every aspect of who they are.

I've worked as an artist and teacher for over 20 years including: drawing, painting, writing, photography and graphic design. My background gives me a unique ability to artfully craft images of my clients that allows each of them to see themselves in a magazine - just like any model or celebrity.

I've worked in multiple facets of the photography industry. I've worked as a photojournalist, lifestyle and beauty photographer and am blessed to have my images published in newspapers, magazines and cherished in private homes. I can honestly say, I am thankful for each and every client that trust me enough to lower their guard and let me in - just for a moment - to capture them.

I believe a portrait is a carefully crafted image that speaks to who you are and conveys a message at a given moment in time. It is something that testifies to its subjects' existence. It captures the beauty, strength and confidence of a person's innermost being. It can be quiet or loud. Happy or sad. Most importantly, it stands the test of time.

I'd love for you to rummage around my site and reach out. We can talk about how you want to be photographed and remembered. Come alone - better yet, bring a friend, partner or the whole family! All are welcome for a day of pampering and fun.

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